Monday, April 5, 2010

Workboxes: what's in the box Monday?

I am not going to do these posts every Monday, just once in awhile, to share with you what we are doing during school time. In general our mornings go something like this - after breakfast and washing up, we go downstairs, say prayers and study our virtue of the week (a.k.a. circle time), have calendar time, and then we move to the workboxes. Rylan usually works on his own through the first three boxes, during which time I work through all six of Damian's with him. After that is completed we go on to do other things (depends on the day). Later, when Damian is napping, Rylan and I go back downstairs to complete the remaining three boxes together. I save items that require my assistance or observation for during this time (although sometimes like with the boxes pictured below, he can pretty much move through them without me. I needed to do some work myself today, so I arranged things I knew he could do with little input from me).

So, here we go - these are Rylan's boxes: 100 chart, haven't used it in a while, so pulled it out and had him circle all even numbers on the chart and then count them out loud to me.
An awesome puzzle picked up from Costco this weekend. He put it together to spell 20 words.
The children's Dawn-Breakers (stories on the early history of the Bahá’í Faith). We read one chapter of this every week day. I am using Charlotte Mason style narration with this book - meaning I read a complete chapter to him, then he narrates the chapter back to me.
Domino math, again hadn't used it since I posted about it and Rylan really enjoys it.
Reading race: I printed out these words (in this case I focused on words that end "in a silent e" which makes "the vowel say it's name"). I placed half the cards on one chair and the other half on another chair a couple meters away, he had to run back and forth (get some exercise too!) reading the word cards. For fun I timed him to see how fast he could do it. Rylan loves challenges like this.
Lastly, writing practice. Photocopied out of his Handwriting Without Tears workbook. He had to write the words and build "Mat Man" using the foam letter pieces I made.
Now to Damian's boxes. Damian is really into puzzles right now, hence all the puzzle work...this is an animal puzzle that I cut out of one of Rylan's old Click magazines.
A farm tractor number/shape puzzle (also bought from Costco this weekend - they had a special pack of 3 puzzles for $10!).
Peg sound puzzle by Melissa and Doug.
Letter practice - I usually give him about 3-4 letters at a time. This time we used Leap Frog Fridge Phonics.
Sand paper letters, again just a few.
And that is what we did this morning (plus play with friends at the park).


  1. LOVE this work box idea!

  2. So do we, it works really well - for both mom and kiddos. The boys are always disappointed when they get to the last box...

  3. Thank you, now I have a much better idea of the workbox system.

  4. I love seeing your ideas and it makes me excited for the next few years and what Zorion will be able to do :-) So many cool resources out there!

  5. Where did you get the lowercase letters for the fridge phonics? I've been trying to find some for my little one, but they are $60 on Amazon! Yikes!

  6. I bought them at Walmart, they were $11 for all the lower case letters, plus numbers 1-10. Have you tried the Leap Frog site? I cannot imagine why they are so much on Amazon... Good luck!



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