Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A shared project

I know...a few days ago I said all the crafting and homeschooling posts would be few and far between, and here I am doing nothing but posting about that day after day! :) Rain has kind of put a damper on going outdoors!

So, I promised to share an embroidery project with you and here it is now finished! A couple of weeks ago Rylan did this drawing of our family, and I loved it, and wanted to save it, with more than just a photograph, so I embroidered it instead. I think I will stretch it and frame it when I have a free moment.

Added to: Craft schooling Sunday and Get your craft on.


  1. Great! my mom did this too - when she was young though :)

  2. Thanks, Nancy. I think I will do this more often...all my previous embroidery projects were very elaborate and detailed, but this was simple and fun, and I love that it is Rylan's drawing.

  3. What an awesome idea... I would love to try this but I dont have much patience... of course it might help me develop some though ;-) Would be awesome to make a quilt of different pictures the boys drew over the years! Or put them in one of those multi-photo frames. How were you going to display it?

  4. I am not completely sure yet, but a quilt is an awesome idea! I love that! I am not a quilter, though...I would have to enlist my sister! :)

  5. SO cute!!! Will have to try this!

  6. nice idea!! i´ll post it in my blog the nex week

    Have a nide day

  7. oh, i adore this! i just embroidered some of my daughter's art into stuffed softie dolls, and loved doing it so much, seeing her art come to life in this way, that i have a whole new slew of ideas for embroidering her art - i'm adding this to the list, her first family drawings - what a keepsake treasure!



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