Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ayyam-i-ha and all our spring time crafts

To all the items we made last year, we added a few more this year. It was not so difficult to achieve a spring feeling living in Hawaii, because it was pretty much spring and summer all year round there, but here it was a little more challenging, so we needed to add some more spring-time crafts to the mix!

Working on and putting up these decorations was all done while listening to the Ayyam-i-ha CD, and was part of our “countdown to Ayyam-i-ha activities”, among many other fun activities (which are pulled out on a daily basis from our countdown star calendar).

  • We found a new place for our Ayyam-i-ha banner, which I made out of aloha fabrics last year in Hawaii.

    IMG_6956 [800x600]
  • And a new home for our Ayyam-i-ha virtue tree, above the boy’s teddy chair in our reading room (which is right next to the play room. I think we need to add some birds and other creatures to brighten up the surrounding bare, white walls…hmmm).
    IMG_6966 [800x600]
  • We created a flower garden along the floor trim in our entrance area using pre-cut flower boards. We decorated them with markers and glitter glue.
    IMG_6874 [800x600] IMG_6867 [800x600]
  • We made an “Ayyam-i-ha garden” of flowers and butterflies using pre-cut craft foam flowers and then I cut out leaves, stems and grass to go with them. The butterflies were cut out of cardboard. We decorated everything using markers and glitter glue.
    IMG_6877 [800x600]
    IMG_6876 [800x600]
  • We made a bouquet of tissue paper flowers to put on our dining room table. IMG_6938 [800x600]
  • We strung butterflies from the hanging lights around the house.
    IMG_6871 [800x600]
  • The boys made flying foam butterflies, which we attached by ribbon to doorframes and from the ceiling in the play room.
    IMG_6957 [800x600]
  • We made butterfly finger puppets to play with too!
    IMG_6883 [800x600] IMG_6936

To all my Baha’i friends, wishing you a very happy and joyful celebration!

I will be away from this space for a few days while I spend time with family and friends, see you next week when I will be sharing the details of our European study, our science unit on the human body, and a look at the layout of our new school room.


  1. Been waiting for your Ayyam-i-Ha post ;-) Hope its okay I put it on my Facebook Ayyam-i-Ha ideas page. I love the Ayyam-i-Ha garden idea!! Hope you all have a lovely time celebrating this year!

  2. thanks for sharing. HAPPY AYYAM I HA TO you and your family. Enjoy!



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