Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ayyam-i-ha and some of our handmade gifts

We had a wonderfully fun Ayyam-i-ha weekend, filled with lots of family and friends. I am amazed my kids kept up with all the parties we were invited to (one every morning and afternoon), although I must admit we were all kind of tired the first half of this week (but it was definitely worth it!). We have also had Grandma and Pa staying with us since Thursday last week, so it has been a very special time.

As we have done in the past, one of our days of Ayyam-i-ha was themed as a handmade gifts only day. Here are a few picture frames the boys made for Grandparents and Daddy: IMG_6970 [800x600]IMG_6971 [800x600]IMG_6972 [800x600] {the top one is made of foam, decorated with foam stickers and glitter glue; the bottom two are wooden frames decorate with permanent markers and wooden animals/beach theme added on with the help of glue dots (can I just say that I recently found and now love glue dots!)}

Over the next few days I will be sharing other handmade gifts that we made, in between the posts I promised for this week, including our European study, our human body unit, and the layout of our new classroom…with the late start I am getting on the week, however, these posts may carry us into next week as well!

Right now the adult members of this family, along with all the Baha’is over the age of 15 around the world are beginning on a month (a Baha’i month, which is 19 days long) of fasting. No food or drink from sunrise to sunset. The Fast is a period of spiritual focus and renewal. Since pregnant and/or breastfeeding women are exempt from fasting (for obvious medical reasons), this will be the first time I am fasting in 7 years! My husband is most happy to have company again! :)

Wishing all my Baha’i friends a truly blessed and inspired Fast!

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