Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nurturing virtue: prayer book (printable)

Again I am sharing a particular project, rather than a week in review. Praying together is an important part of our family life, in the mornings it is how the boys and I start our learning time together, and in the evenings our whole family prays together before the boys go to bed. I wanted to make the boys their own personal prayer books, filled with the prayers that they have memorized. Actually we have made many different prayers books in the past together that have been well used and loved, but I felt it was time to make them something new and special. As they learn more prayers off by heart, we will continue to add them to the book.

This is what the completed prayer book looks like.
For Rylan's, I had him write his own name on the cover. But he has not seen the rest of the book, I am going to wrap them and give them to the boys as gifts during our next circle time.
If you would like to download the prayer book that I have put together, you can do so here. PLEASE NOTE, however, that some of the images I used in my boy's personal copies were photographs that have been shared with me personally, but I could not include them for general downloading for copyright reasons, so there are a few blank pages for which you would need to include some of your own images to go next to the corresponding prayer. Below are some samples of the pages and images that are included in the download. The pages are size 8"x8".

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