Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making our own animal softies

Last week the kids made their own set of animal softies. I got them two types of cotton fabric, one smooth, the other soft and fluffy, just to give them a chance to experience drawing on two different textures. We used fabric markers to draw with (if you do this project remember these markers will not come out of clothes, so use old ones, or wear art aprons).

Rylan helped me with the sewing during one of Damian's naps.
Both working on stuffing their animals.

The finished toys. You could also sew around the edges of the drawings to give them specific shapes, but we are going to use some of these as cushions for another project which is underway in our house...hopefully I will be posting about it in a few days, because I am excited to get it all done!

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  1. Kami,

    This is a very sweet craft. You'll have little sewists (I just discovered this word and it seems to fit for people of any gender who like to sew) in no time. Actually they already are from the looks of it.

  2. CUTENESS Kami! LOVE the photo of Rylan sewing on the machine.


  3. We have shown this lovely craft on our site, have a look if you wish, thanks Kami for your kindness, I'll keep coming back.

  4. So glad you like it, and touched that you featured it! You're welcome back anytime! :)

  5. amazing, i´ll post it in my blog http://babydeco.blogspot.com the next week. It´s lovely



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