Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Solar System Concentration/Match Up Game (printable)

Here is another installment in our solar system study – a solar system concentration or match up game which I made for my boys, and am sharing with you as a printable. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will share some highlights along the way, but when we are all finished I will provide a big summary post of the entire solar system study which we will be working on over the course of a month (or so…depending on whether the boys want to do more).

The game consists of a deck of cards which I made, printed, laminated, then cut out. We played traditional style concentration, laying all the cards face down and taking turns picking up two cards at a time, trying to find a match. We played several rounds of the game together, and the boys have played with the cards in various ways since then. They are sitting in our feature study area and available for play anytime.

solar system ~whole download includes a set each of all nine planets, the sun, and our moon~

I also took out the books we have been reading about each planet and had Damian match the cards and book covers. I will have him do this again once we lay our giant sized solar system across the school room floor (more on that later, though).

IMG_7205 [800x600]

If you would like to download the game click here and enjoy!

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