Sunday, November 29, 2009

Creating a reading nook (or Book Nook as Rylan calls it)

Under our kitchen counter (on the dining room side, not the kitchen side), we had a little empty space which was supposed to be for a wine fridge, but since we don’t have one (we don't drink), it was just an empty (read: ugly) space…
(the before shot)

SO the kids and I embarked on a project to make it something special for them, after all which kid doesn’t like crawling into a little “secret” nook? I would have loved to paint on the walls directly, but since we are only renting our home at the moment, we opted for using large painting sheets, which I then put putty on to stick them to the walls. First, Rylan chose a castle and dragon theme for the wall, and space with a rocket and alien for the ceiling. Ramtin did the drawing for us (I am hopeless at drawing!), he used the cover of an old Ladybug Magazine for inspiration for the castle and dragon.
Rylan helped to create the sky, clouds, and bushes using paint and a sponging technique. I painted the castle, dragon, and rocket, which was kind of interesting since I only used the kid's washable paint and their well-used kind of fuzzed out paintbrushes (note to self: get new brushes!), but it worked well enough!
We then cut out the moon and stars from craft foam, and combined with the rocket to create the ceiling of the reading nook.
Remember I said we were going to use some of the animal softies for another project, well, they have become cushions in our reading nook to make it extra cozy, plus I made a couple extras out of an old shirt. I also sliced open a swimming noodle and stuck it over the sharp wooden edges inside the nook to protect from bumps.
The finished project:
Being enjoyed.

Added to: Get your craft on and Strut-Your-Stuff Thursday.


  1. oh my goodness, Kami, this is AWESOME!!!!!! -sarah

  2. kami!!! you're a genius! I LOOOVE THIS!! wish we could come over and play

  3. Oh! Do come, would love it! ;) Thanks ladies!

  4. Amazing!! LOVE the idea and the paintings look awesome

  5. yep agree with the ladies .. this is AWESOME!!

  6. Kami! Simply fabulous! Ramtin's artwork is spectacular...who knew you were both so incredibly talented. Your two little boys are so fortunate! I just LOVE it!

  7. Really great idea with wonderful results! Thanks so much for linking up on my blog party, and hope to see you next week at Craft Schooling Sunday!
    all the best,

  8. You made such an amazing reading nook. I bet your kids will be sad when they get too big (physically) for it!

  9. How sweet! Nice work!! I totally envision something like this for my littles. That's for the inspirations!

  10. I absolutely love this reading nook! That is a great idea!
    Your title is precious and so true!

  11. I love this reading nook! I'm on a mission now to find a cute little space for my half dozen to cozy up in! Thanks!

  12. uughhh -- i love this! well done, and thank you for sharing :)



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