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I am an attachment parenting, stay-at-home-schooling mom to two lovely boys, who I am honored to spend my days with. My focus right now is on giving them the best start to their life that I possibly can - spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually – while living our somewhat nomadic lifestyle.

By the time I was 10 years old I had travelled on four different continents (living on three of them). I was born in the USA into a large, lovely Bahá’í family of nine. Being the baby (by eleven years) I effectively had eight parents (although only two of them had the right to that title!). When I was barely six years old we moved to South Africa, where I grew up (with a two year stop in Israel during middle school). I attended the first multi-racial high school in South Africa where we embraced the racial and ethnic diversity of that beautiful country, and honored the different religious prayers and holidays of all represented at the school.

I met my wonderful husband while studying at university (I have a Masters degree in psychology, in case you are wondering) and we married shortly after…it is now almost 14 years later, and together we have again moved across three different continents, living in four different countries together (and travelled many more). We started in South Africa, then spent almost five years living in the middle of nothing but African lowveld (savannah) in a tiny country called Swaziland, where we walked among giraffe and zebra, found the odd legavaan and cobra in our back yard, and played with lion cubs…no really, we did.  

We had the privilege of living in Israel and serving at the Bahá’í World Centre for just over seven years. We also had our two wonderful boys during those years in Israel, making the time in that very special place even sweeter.
Now we find ourselves in beautiful Hawaii, exploring beaches and mountains, taking in all the beauty these islands have to offer. Where will our next stop be? Who knows, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that someday we will call Italy home (for a few years at least!).
So what will you find in my little corner of cyberspace?
This blog is about everything we are doing to educate our boys. For us education is not only what you learn in books, although that is very important, but also about educating the whole being, developing a relationship with God, growing spiritually, nurturing the virtues we need to negotiate and thrive in life, and to make a contribution to society; it is getting to know this diverse world and all of its people, travelling to experience new places and cultures, experiencing nature and learning how to preserve it, and being creative.

I started this blog partially because I wanted to create a visual record for our family to look back on and enjoy, but I would also like to reach out beyond our family and share our learning and the materials we create, in the hopes that we can be of service to other families.

Come join us, and don’t be shy to say hi, I love to hear from those who stop by…

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I also write for The Homeschool Classroom:

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  1. Kami - I LOVE your site, tips, methods, ideas....all so inspiring! How in the world do you accomplish all the prep that must go into thinking of/shopping for & creating all these great projects & lesson?...on top of all the work of caring for 2 little ones, self & home? wow!



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