Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My first post over at The Homeschool Classroom!

A couple of months ago I was invited to become a contributing writer for The Homeschool Classroom by its founder Angie, which I have been very excited about ever since (it has been hard to keep it under wraps)! The Homeschool Classroom is an excellent resource on all topics related to homeschooling and I have been a subscriber since the day I found it many moons ago. I feel very honored to be a part of the great team of authors that write for the site.

Today my first post was published, entitled “Creating a Culture of Virtue Learning in Your Home” and I would love it if you went over there to take a read! It is all about one of my favorite topics – virtue education!



  1. Hi
    I just read it in the homeschool classroom and i love it ...
    And the conclusion is so well written.
    Great job!!!

  2. Congratulations on becoming a writer for the Homeschool Classroom! I love your information (virtue learning was always very important to me, as well) and the way you use Montessori principles in your homeschool. That’s why I gave you an award today at

  3. Oh, thank you both so much!! I am very excited about writing for The Homeschool Classroom and so glad you both liked the post that I wrote. Means a lot to me! :)

    Deb, thank you for the award! Going to stop by Living Montessori Now right now! :)

  4. We're so glad to have you join our writing staff! It was a really great piece that you wrote. :)

  5. Thanks so much, Angie! So, honored to be a part of it!



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