Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mini-construction site

The boys and I put this mini-construction site together as a play area for them on our lanai (porch). We picked up beach sand on our last couple of visits to the beach, then added some pebbles and construction vehicles (I used an old storage container that has a cover, so when they are not playing, the sand can be kept dry and clean).
A very simple and inexpensive project that will provide many hours of enjoyment.

Edited to add: We also turned this into a dinosaur dig site after a visit to a dinosaur exhibit at the local museum.


  1. Over a year ago, we had a small rice box and after we moved, I never replaced it. This seems like a great alternative. It's nice to meet you!

  2. Also my son loves this game, we use beans in place of stones

  3. This is an excellent idea. Last winter we did this with snow. I had a nasty cold, but the little guy wanted to go and play in the snow. Did I mention it was 14 degrees outside :) So we brought the snow inside. Filled a tote with snow and brought it in and put it on a towel. He had hours of fun!



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