Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alphabet Box

A few weeks ago I made a Montessori alphabet box for Damian to use during our school time in the mornings. I have been dying to share this great idea with you all, and finally found a moment to finish this post!

As soon as I saw this idea, I started putting the pieces together, I knew Damian (and Rylan for the matter) would LOVE this learning tool. Even I love it! :) Just wait until you see it, I know you will be running out to put one together for your little ones…

So, you start with a box (I have also seen the use of envelopes) with lots of little drawers, labeled with the letters of the alphabet. I got my box from Walmart for $10 in the hardware section. And the alphabet labels are stickers from the craft store.

IMG_5871 [800x600]

Then the fun part, you fill the drawers with little miniature objects that start with the corresponding letter. For example a little apple in the “a” drawer. Here are some examples from my drawers (I am still adding to some of the boxes):

IMG_5872 [800x600]

~Bb: bone, basket, butterfly, bird, boy, baby, binoculars, broom, bowling pins and bowling ball~

IMG_5874 [800x600]

~Dd: dolphin, deer, dish, dog~

IMG_5875 [800x600]

~Ff: flowers, fox, fork, fire truck ~

IMG_5876 [800x600]~ Hh: hedgehog, heart balloon, heart, hammer, hydrant, hay, hat~

IMG_5877 [800x600] ~Pp: plate, pineapple, penguin~

IMG_5878 [800x600]

~Rr: rooster, rabbit, raccoon, rake~

IMG_5879 [800x600]~ Ss: spades, squirrel, square, sign, skeleton, stool, strawberry, saw ~

IMG_5880 [800x600]~ Tt: tea set, triangle~

Most of the object I used to fill these boxes I already had in the house. My boys love Playmobil and we have several different sets, so I just picked out bits and pieces from the Playmobil box. Another great resource I found are the Japanese Iwako erasers. They are a craze right now for older kids, but they have everything imaginable in miniatures, they are cute, and non-toxic (read the safety info for Iwako brand here, be careful of other brands, they may not be of the same quality or safety). Of course, just remember, little toys such as these can be choking hazards, so you need to be present and judge if your little one is ready to use them. The cute capital letter cards I downloaded from 1+1+1=1.

Really the learning possibilities with this alphabet box are endless, and I am sure we will be using it for a very long time during many different stages of Damian’s learning, plus because it is so fun, Rylan also loves using it with Damian, and I can just sit back and watch big brother teach little brother! :)

I first got this idea from Cindy at Along the Way (super cute blog!), but for a great resource on the alphabet box from how to put one together, to activities you can do using the learning tool, check out Counting Coconuts (I LOVE Mari-Ann’s blog, it is filled with the most amazing Montessori ideas, I just found it recently and have a whole bunch of stuff bookmarked to try out!).

Now, admit it, you want to put one together too, right?


  1. love it. Have a colors draw (4 drawers with lots of little things in each color for sorting) but would LOVE to do one of these. Its in the TO DO folder on computer - have been put off by cost of a suitable box (have not found any for $10 maybe Australia dearer these type of boxes for toolsheds/fishing tackle etc are around $30-$50 or more) unless I am just lookin gin the wrong places (any Aussie mums that can help me out would love to hear where from). The thought of envelops just not the same love the little drawers. Also the thought of finding enough small things put me off a little - didnt want pictures but actual things/objects so thanks for the tips re playmobil and erasers
    Have fun with your alphabet box. In the meantime have been doing collages on paper ie one page per letter and cutting out pictures from magazines or printed off the net/clip art etc for each sound/letter - fun but not as much as these drawers

  2. oh and the other thing we did along similar lines was to have a "letter of the week" displayed on a card in a basket and for that week we would find things around the house that started with that letter and place in the basket talking about them as we placed them in then reviewing them at end of week and returning them to where belong then moving on to next letter. Didnt move on to blends or sounds like things that start with CH TH etc but would be a good extension of it

  3. very cute. I got a bag similar to this from etsy a long time ago filled with little objects and hsi name and beads. he squishes them out of the way to find the items. it came with a card with two sides and one side gives a letter and the item that starts with it and the other a color and the item to look for so I think these boxes would be fun to make with color items too.

  4. Just love this idea, so creative.

    I enjoy your blog so much, I wanted to include you in the "Versatile Blogger" Award on my site.

    Go here to accept your award:

  5. Dear Kami...Hi. Love this post of yours so much that it pushes me to do the same thing for my kids esp. for Enna-Marie. I started preparing the materials & plan to use them this summer vacation when EM is home with me. with much2x love & admiration for all your efforts, brilliant & creative ideas in educating your kids...

  6. Thank you, Menchie, for all your sweet words! Sending love to your sweet family!



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