Saturday, July 10, 2010

Name banner for the boy’s room

We have been busy…I have much to share and will soon, but first here is a little project I worked on last night while watching TV with my hubby (I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV, I am always doing something else too, whether it is laminating school printables, or knitting, or things like this. Remember I mentioned that I was working on redoing the boy’s room with a whole coral reef/under the sea kind of theme? We got the ocean wave-like bedding last week and I will share more about that in another post.

I started with name banners to hang over their bedroom window. I used two types of scrapbook cardstock. One with ocean waves, and the other with simple stripes to bring in some more colors, other than blue. Both have a kind of glittery 3D look to them which does not come out very well in the pictures, unfortunately. IMG_4136 [800x600]I cut the letters out of the cardstock using “Cooper Black” font in Microsoft Word. Punched two holes per letter along the top of all the letters using a single hole punch, and then strung them together using some glittery blue ribbon.IMG_4129 [800x600]

IMG_3957 Then I hung them above the boy’s bedroom window.IMG_4138 [800x600]

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  1. These are lovely
    Did you cut with scissors or a blade/scalpel tool?

  2. Thanks! :) I just cut them with a regular pair of scissors.

  3. Wow! These are great! Do you have any particular decorating books or sites that you like to peruse?

  4. Hi Katharine! :) I used to love home decor magazines and books before I had kids, now I never have the time! So, I really cannot recommend anything current. Sorry! Hope you guys are doing well!

  5. We're great! Thanks. Such wonderful creativity continue to reach new levels of coolness!! And please give our congrats to Rylan on his Kindergarten graduation!

  6. Haha! You are sweet, but in my mind you will always be the "ultimate teacher" and I so wish I had you around still to inspire me!!

    And thank you, I will pass your congrats on to Rylan. :)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. I would like to do something similar for my daughter's birthday party.

  8. Great to see you and sweet project! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! all the best!



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