Thursday, June 24, 2010

A summer schedule of sorts

Alright, so, we planned to keep going with school straight through the summer, but the first week of summer break we had so many fun plans, we took that week off because we were hardly going to be home between breakfast and dinner time each day. IMG_3630And we got the vacation bug…well, probably me more than Rylan, but it made me stop and realize that we needed to take a break. For Rylan school is fun and he doesn’t quite see the reason for a break from it, but I actually think he is enjoying the freedom to do whatever he wants and just play for hours without having to stop to do sit down work or run off to some lesson (be it swimming, piano, music, etc). For me, I realized that I had reached a point of complete exhaustion and really needed to slow down a little and shift my focus for a bit. I have been so engrossed in homeschooling, that I have let my “to do” list for our home get a little too long.

So, we are officially taking a break! The length of which is to be determined. We will be flexible and see how it goes, and when we are both ready to dive back into school work we will. With all that said, however, there are a few things we are going to be working on over the summer.

This week we attend a presentation on the Hawaiian coral reef by the author of The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book which was hosted by our local library. Now Rylan’s interest in Hawaiian reef fish has been growing with all the snorkeling he has been doing, but this really did it for him. So, we decided then that our special summer project would be to work through her entire book. If you look inside the book through the above link, you will see it is much more than a coloring book, it is loaded with information to be learnt and built on with further research. We are going to color in the fish looking at our own snorkeling pictures and other reference books. IMG_3592 IMG_3815 As we work through the book we are also going to build a coral reef of our own (one made out of construction paper and crayons) and we are going to spend a Sunday morning exploring a coral reef with an expert in the field. Rylan is very excited about this summer project, and you can be sure as we go along you will be getting little reports from me too! :) We will, of course, do other learning here and there, but this will be our main focus, and most of the other school stuff will be put on hold for a bit.

As for me, I will be tackling that “to do” list. One of the items is to give the boy’s room a makeover. They needed new bedding, and so I felt it was time for an overall change, and a big clean out. Funny thing is this ties in with Rylan’s summer project…you see just a couple of days before we went to this presentation, we had decided to do their bedroom in a ocean theme, so another part of our summer project will be putting their room together. I cannot wait to share with you all the ideas twirling around in my head for that project!

On a less exciting note there is the craft cupboard that needs a serious overhaul, some belated spring cleaning that needs to be done, and about six months of photos that I need to sort through and back up (how did I leave it for so long??).

I will also be coming up with an outline for the next school year and choosing curriculums. And you can be sure you will be hearing more about that too!

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