Monday, June 28, 2010

Making your own tangram activity (update)

A few months ago I posted about making your own tangram set, here is the original post:

Rylan loves puzzles, so I recently made him this tangram activity. I used the pattern blocks from this site, as well as the animal tangram pictures. I decided to start with animals, since using animals is always the best way to draw Rylan’s interest. I made the tangrams out of a very hard cardboard, which I painted with a light blue paint. I also used the heavy cardboard to create the picture cards. Rylan completed all of the animals, and then made a few of his own as well!IMG_0360Just wanted to share, as a little update, that a few weeks ago I re-made the tangram shapes out of thick craft foam and they are so much nicer than the cardboard ones. Nicer to hold and work with, and a whole lot easier to make! I would also recommend covering the pattern cards in contact paper or laminating them so that they last longer.IMG_3958 [800x600]

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