Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Montessori activity: walk the line

This is a fun and very easy activity to set up for your kids. It is excellent for developing gross and fine motor skills depending on how you approach it. In its most basic form you would lay out a line of some sort, we used a jump rope (you could also use string, colored tape, a measuring tape, sidewalk chalk if you are outside, etc), and demonstrate for your children how to walk the line going heel to toe, with your arms stretched out on either side for balance. IMG_3939 (2) [800x600]

Allow them to repeat this activity several times until they feel confident in doing it (maybe even on several different days, if they are younger and find it more challenging). Once they have the hang of it, you can make it more challenging by increasing the skill required. Some examples are:

- have them hold something while walking the line

- have them look forward at an object, and not look down at the line

- have them walk to a beat (play some music or use a drum)

- have them change directions while staying balanced on the line

- have them walk backwards on the line

- see if they can toss and catch a ball (or some other object) while walking the line

- have them sing a song while walking the line, to see if they can concentrate on something else while staying balanced

- have them take a step, stand still, bend their knees, straighten up and step again and repeat, all while staying balanced. IMG_3940 (2) [800x600]You can come up with endless ways to make this activity more challenging, and all the while having lots of fun!


  1. Thanks for your reminder of a wonderful Montessori activity that’s appropriate for home or school, indoors or outdoors. Great ideas for extensions! I’m linking to your post as the Activity of the Week at

  2. Thanks for linking Deb! And for being my 90th follower! :)



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