Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning About Africa Part 2 (printables included)

So I am finally getting round to posting part 2 of our African Studies (part 1 here). I have been putting it off because I knew I would have to gather various images, books, and info and honestly, I feel like I am leaving something out, but hey, at least you'll get the general idea of what we covered! We started by reading general information/facts about the African continent and then we cut and paste this poster together with the facts and images we found in our research. Rylan also colored and labeled a continental map and some African animal coloring sheets I found for him online. Rylan put together this South African flag puzzle that I made for him, and we glued it onto the poster as well. After going through this book, Rylan built the included African savannah diorama.

For maths work with an African flavor I created these "African Addition Worksheets" which you can download here if you are interested in using them.

I also made these "African animal skip counting worksheets" which you can download here.

I put together some African themed writing practice, using this site.
Rylan completed this word maze after reading Lions at Lunchtime with Dad (bedtime reading). I downloaded it from a teacher resource site, but I cannot find the link for it right now!

We took a close look at all the African art we have in our home - my husband and I collected many beautiful pieces before leaving Africa. We have various stone, metal, and wood carvings, bead work, woven baskets, small pieces of furniture, drums, clay pots, and even a clay mask hanging over our television. After this Rylan made an African mask himself:

We also listened to African music and read many picture and non-fiction books, most of which can be viewed in the carousels below. I had planned to cook up an African meal, but we didn't get round to that, we may do it sometime in the near future, but I am kind of hoping my sister-in-laws will send us some biltong instead! ;)

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  1. Kami, I think I love you! I am swapping round our continent corner this afternoon and changing it to Africa, you have saved me a lot of time and work!
    jo - ps I will be linking!

  2. Haha, Jo!! Glad I could be of assistance! ;)

  3. Hi from Spain Kami :D

    thanks a lot! we want to study Africa soon and your material and activities are so great!

    meni ^-^



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