Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fabric "Happy Ayyam-i-ha" banner/bunting

Okay, so you will all remember when I brought this pile of fabric home with me and said I was going to get started on Ayyám-i- decorations. Although I have had them finished for a while, I have just not had time to share them on this blog, with the exception of this advent calendar, which we have been using to count down for a good many days already (boys loving that, by the way!).
I wanted to make a banner that would last, so that we can pull it out every year and re-use it. We liked the idea of a spring theme, and I threw in some Hawaiian flavour with the aloha prints.
It was VERY easy to make. I found this excellent tutorial online which I used to make the banner. It is a threaded banner (yay, no bias tape!). I added felt lettering to it (I simply found a font I liked on Microsoft Word, printed the letters out, and then cut them out of the felt). I had originally set out to do the letters in different colours, corresponding with the fabric, but I thought the letters got kind of lost that way, so I ended up doing all blue lettering.
To attach the letters I sewed around the edges each one with a machine, but I am sure you could use double sided applique paper and just iron them on if you didn't want to sew. But, honestly, it took me about 20 minutes to sew them all on, and I think it is worth it because now they will last and make it through the wash too.


  1. looks very pretty, good job!! I am so looking forward to celebrating :-)

  2. beautiful!!! Happy Ayyam i Ha!! :)

  3. So cute! I just barely saw something similar over on another blog. I love the idea of a banner you can use over and over. I can't wait to make one for Birthdays!



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