Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Has it been 5 days?

We haven’t been away, life has just been somewhat upside down for the past week…without going into the boring details…I have had to spend way too much time on the phone, on the computer, and trying to keep an upbeat face for my kids despite the fact that I have had to deal with people that, let’s just say, have been less than pleasant…I would like this blog to be a happy and inspiring place, and since I have not felt much of either the past few days, I decided to just, well, keep quiet! In the meantime, with all this going on I have tried to keep my kiddos pleasantly occupied with things like chair forts (that awful table cloth on top, which you see in a lot of our photos, is our craft table cloth for being messy on), crawling tunnels, and ball tents in various combinations, crafts, audio books, and yes some PBS. All of our Ayyám-i-há decorations are made and ready to go up, but I have not had the time (read: energy!) to put them up and take pictures, but I will do that soon. In the meantime, I will leave you with a few pictures of a recent weekend past where we did a little hiking in a beautiful forest about 45 minutes from our home.
{Crossing the river to get into the park, this is when 4x4s are useful!}
{Walking with a ceiling of this...beautiful!}

Ps. It's good to be back...how have you all been?


  1. hey there, I was checking your blog everyday and nothing was posted!! :)
    Take care, waiting for pictures of Ayyam i Ha decoration.
    Am working on mine too :)
    big kiss

  2. oh no, I hope everything works out for the best very very soon! And that you all get some good surprise you werent expecting, to make up for all the tests over the past week :-)
    We have had a testing week too, but mainly because of illness (Zorion had a cold and now has pink eye) and family stuff. I guess these hard times make the "good times" much sweeter!
    Sending good vibes your way!

  3. Nancy - the pictures are coming, starting tonight! :) I am definitely in the mood for celebration now!!

    Chelsea - thanks for the well wishes, things are looking much better now on our end! I hope that you are all well and healthy SOON!!! Sending good vibes right back to you! ;)



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