Friday, February 5, 2010

Advent calendar for Ayyam-i-Ha

I wanted to create a special advent calendar for the boys, as a way to countdown to Ayyam-i-ha. The Baha'i month is made up of 19 days, so we will be counting down 19 days to the beginning of Ayyam-i-ha, which takes place the last four days of February. I wanted to make a calendar that would last, so opted to sew something rather than use paper or cardboard. I used three colours of felt for the stars and stick on felt numbers (the blinds are ugly in the background, but had to close them to get rid of the glare for the pic).
The boys chose three different nine-pointed stars (a symbol often used to represent the Baha'i Faith) for the calendar. So, I started with the cutting out.
I cut two stars for each number on the calendar (i.e. in the end I cut out 38 stars), then sewed each pair together, leaving the top open, so that it forms a little pocket in which to place advent activities and treats. They are filled with quotations, prayers, activities, little treats, etc.
I started by making pretty ribbon loops for each star to attach onto the rope, but then opted for simple curtain clips because it allows me to take down the star for the day and let the boys take out their treat themselves, then easily clip it back onto the rope with the rest of the stars. I used a tiny piece of thread around each hook to secure its position on the rope.


  1. This looks amazing Kami, I LOVE it!!!! Will definitely have to use this idea in the future :-) And once I learn how to sew hehe. Awesome work!

  2. Thank you to both of you! :)

  3. Oh can I ask what type of activities you put in? and are the quotes to do with Ayyam-i-ha specifically? Trying to think of things for our little party coming up, and a few short quotes to put in our cards, any ideas appreciated :-)

  4. Okay, I have only filled up to day 9 so far, I will fill up the next 10 when we get closer to those. I want to see how the first 9 are received, since this is our first year of doing this. I have lots of different things - prayers to memorize (by song), listening to the Ayyam-i-ha CD on the way to our weekly music class, quotes to read (yes, I will put some about Ayyam-i-ha in there), going to get ice-cream, I have some special Ayyam-i-ha craft activities lined up as well. That is it so far. I plan to add some service activities too. You are great with the ideas, though, let me know what you would do!! :)

  5. it's beautiful - especially the colors ... I LOVE it too :)

  6. Oh that is great to do it by day, like things you'd want to do on the day they open it (like go to get icecream), I was thinking treats like little candies hehe :-) Looking forward to finding out about your art projects! Cant wait till next year when Zorion can do more stuff like this :-)
    We are having an animal Ayyam-i-ha party for Zorion's friends and so far I've just decided on the cake design and a few simple decorations, and today I bought some alphabet cookie cutters for the party favors (I want to make cookies for the letters in each child's name, with a quote about friendship on the back of the package they are in)
    Cant believe it's only a few weeks away!

  7. I just found your site & I love it! You're creating some beautiful decorations & I'm going to have to get my hands on a sewing machine so that I can make some just like them! Thanks

  8. Allah-u-abha!
    I love your blog and I love to see the ideas and crafts for ayyam-i-ha. I am a new mum, and only a bahai for a few years married to a christian. I have been wondering what traditions and things we could do to "nurture the tender years". Strong happy memories and activties and joy around celebrations is definitely one. I have also been thinking about home-schooling to provide that strong basis in The Faith. Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas, I am very inspired and will be adding some of these acitivities to our family life.



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