Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making cards for our family

Ayyam-i-Ha is getting closer, so we thought it was time to make and send out cards to those dear to us. And, this afternoon we did just that! We wanted the cards we send out to reflect our chosen theme of spring time with Hawaiian flavour, so Rylan started by stamping the backs of the cards and envelopes with our "handmade with aloha" stamp.
We wrote and signed the cards, and Rylan added a Hawaiian sticker to every card. He really gave thought to which sticker each family would like the most.
Even little Damian signed each card. :)
Here are a selection of the finished cards and their envelopes. We chose a group of photos that we have taken while exploring our island, printed them off on the computer on photo paper, and attached to the cards with photo corners.
Rylan cannot wait to go to the post office tomorrow to mail them!

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