Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pincer grip and colour sorting

Both boys were busy this afternoon in their separate activities, here are a couple of things we did. I periodically have Rylan do Montessori style lessons aimed at strengthening the pincer grip. This helps all fine motor activity, specifically those muscles needed to control a pencil/pen during writing. Sometimes we use these joined chopsticks, sometimes tweezers for a little more of a challenge. Objects can vary from pompoms like these (Rylan likes that they are spiky like hedgehogs) or pieces of torn up paper, again for more of a challenge. Today, I had him transfer all the pompoms using the chopsticks only, sorting them by colour into the empty glass bowls. He completed it pretty quickly and then asked if he could transfer them all back into the large bowl, I told him to go ahead, but about half way through he told me his hand was starting to hurt! :)
While Rylan was busy with that, I worked with Damian on learning colours. I downloaded these great sorting cards from Homeschool Creations, printed them, laminated them (just bought a laminator!), and then cut them out (little tip - while cutting them out I rounded all the corners, otherwise with the laminate they are very sharp). We only did 4 colours (the ones he chose) today, but each time we play I will add more.
His completed work.


  1. good job boys and mama!! I did the sorting with Leah the other day with the tweezer, she could not get all of them - i used dried grains.
    having a laminator is awesome!! :)

  2. Love your blog, looks like you are a very creative person. I love the colors, your photos are beautiful and lots of great info. R U on twitter, would like to follow you. Dawn, aka TheSingingNurse


  3. Thank you so much! No, I am not on twitter yet, but you can follow on google friends connect (on right sidebar).

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    You've got some great ideas here! I'll be back again to check more out!



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