Friday, January 22, 2010

Curriculum choices and starting some of the projects

I have been doing some research on reading curriculum. Rylan is doing really well right now with Bob Books as a general review, but call me a newbie to homeschooling, I still feel like I need to follow some general curriculum path. I think I found something suitable. I have included Rylan in the selection process, because I want him to be involved in his learning path, this is one of the amazing things about homeschooling.

This afternoon the boys and I went to fabric stores and craft stores looking for all the odds and ends to work on our upcoming decorating projects. Cannot wait to get started!
We are going for a spring motif, and I couldn’t resist throwing in some Hawaiian prints as well…the Aloha spirit is highly infectious! I love all the bright spring colours (as a contrast my home d├ęcor is mostly subtle beiges, creams, blacks and browns, which I also love), but really, I am a sucker for colours, just look at my embroidery thread boxes.
One day I will post about my embroidery…

While at the fabric store the boys spotted this and absolutely had to get it. Rylan already has several projects in mind for it…we will see what we come up with!
Happy weekend to you! May it be a creative one!


  1. Your embriidery boxes are just like third box of color tablets :-)
    Just even more colors !

  2. Yes, they are! Maybe I will have to plan a Montessori activity for the boys with them. :) I used paint sample pages to do something similar before.

  3. No way are you that organized with your flosses!!!! I started that way, but really didn't like winding the floss, too tediuos. Now like colors are thrown in ziploc bags; that's the best I can do. I'm very impressed and wish I had it in me to keep up with that.


  4. :) Yes, they really do look like that, I LOVE opening these boxes and seeing the colour ranges like that, it is so inspiring! But I have to be honest, I originally did all of this pre-kiddo days. I used to teach embroidery classes and stock all the threads myself (back when we were living in Africa), so this is an almost complete DMC range (the top box also has metallic threads and mixed threads from other companies). Now that they are all in place, it is not much to keep them that way. When a colour runs out, I simply replace that colour, so it is only one length of floss to wind, a matter of a minute or two. So, not a big deal!



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