Monday, December 28, 2009

Beach hiking

Let me just start by saying that all the crafting and homeschooling posts will probably be a little few and far between right now, because, to be honest we are not doing too much of either at the moment (I am embroidering something when watching t.v. at night, which I will share soon...did I mention that I used to have an embroidery business while we lived in Swaziland for four and a half years? I will post on that someday...), now back to the point...what we are doing a lot of is enjoying having "the aunties" here and showing them around the island. This is our first winter in Hawaii, and I have to say it is the best winter I have had in my life! Now, given the fact that I have spent most of my life on the coast of either Africa or Israel, that is saying something! Winter here is, well, basically, summer minus about 2-5 degrees depending on the day. BLISS, I tell you!

So, a couple of days ago we went on this beach hike, but this time we went a little further on the trail. First up that cliff...

That's my little man crossing that cliff edge path (the other "littler" man was safely on my back)!
See the golf course in the background, if you like golf, this is a killer place to play!
So many interesting rock formations, I could photograph them all day!

Daddy helping to rest weary feet!

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