Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday beach hiking

On Sunday we went on a beach hike. After a very hot and muggy patch of weather, the air cleared, the breeze came back, and the temperature lowered a little making it a perfect day for hiking.

Those little people up there are Ramtin, Rylan, and my parents.
My Mom and Dad watching the waves from far above. Looking back.

Damian and I enjoying the vista.
A rain shower in the distance at the end of our hike.


  1. Oh my goodness. Those are gorgeous photos of a beautiful hike. Unbelievable that you get to live by such beauty!!

  2. I know, sometimes I don't believe it myself! It is definitely the most beautiful place I have lived in, and I am very grateful to have this opportunity, epsecially for my kids to spend so much time outdoors in nature.

  3. WHOAAAAAA! I am seriously speechless by the photos. Almost looks too beautiful to be true!




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