Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Music Together

Tuesday is our Music Together day. There is a lovely playhouse on our island, run by a wonderful couple and they hold various classes there, including the Music Together classes. Uncle George, as he is affectionately called by the kids, is the teacher of the class (after the class he plays with them too for an hour or so and they adore him for all the fun games and activities he has up his sleeve). He is a professional musician and a natural with kids, which I am sure adds to the quality of the classes, but in general, I am very impressed with the Music Together programme. I really feel that the boys are getting an excellent introduction to music – rhythm, tone, harmony, beat, etc. And of course it includes instruments and movement which they love.
We have always done these things in our home, but I am not a musician (though I hope it is not too late to change that!), so there is a level of training I could not offer.

We do the class with a wonderful group of fellow moms and children, this combined with George’s teaching, and the atmosphere of the playhouse; it makes for one of our favourite activities of the week (plus the boys and I go out to eat for lunch afterwards, as a little mid-week treat!).

Today when we got back home, Grandma was there waiting to play, much to Rylan’s delight (what will I do when they leave us next week???). The two of the them (and Damian was well, for the first while) spent an hour and a half playing with playdoh making every animal they could think of and then some! Here is one of their creations – animals at a watering hole, Rylan is holding the sun in the sun. :) Grandma’s are just so much fun!
Oh! Last night we went to a full moon BBQ on the beach with a group of friends. My pics came out horribly, but we had such a lovely evening, I felt like I should include it, it also marked Rylan’s first time making s’mores!

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