Friday, December 25, 2009

Two of my favorite people

Two of my favourite people are here visiting us right now, my lovely sister-in-laws. They have come all the way from South Africa, to visit us here in the Aloha State.
A couple of days ago we took them to Oahu for the day. Here are some shots of the island from the air as we were landing.

Pearl Harbor from the air.
You see a whole lot of limos in Honolulu, but this was a first for me, a stretch Hummer!
Walking along Wakiki Beach.

City streets.
Had a wonderful day in this picturesque city!


  1. So are you originally from South Africa Kami?

  2. No, I am originally from the US, but I grew up in Southern Africa, which is where I met my husband. His family is still based there.



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