Friday, April 2, 2010

Field trip: Sea Life Park

We spent the day at a sea life park recently. Rylan learnt even more about marine animals, and Damian absolutely LOVED the dolphin shows. The one in the photo below is actually a whalphin, the only one of its kind (half whale, half dolphin), apparently this cross was not intentional, it happened by accident.

The boys both enjoyed feeding the sea turtles. We have on occasion, when snorkeling along the reef around our island, swam with these lovely creatures, so it was really fun to get a detailed look at them and watch them eat the food that we fed them.

After lunch, the aquarium, and another (different) dolphin show, we stopped to watch the sea lions who were quite the comedians and had the boys giggling up a storm!
All in all a wonderful and educational day! Happy weekending to all of you!

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