Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memory games

A quick and easy memory game to set up for young kids, is to lay a selection of objects onto a tray, ask them to take a good look at it (they should also be allowed to touch the objects too, especially if your child is a very tactile/kinesthetic learner), then have them turn around while you remove one object. See if they can recall which object is missing, see if they can describe it. You can remove more than one object to make it harder, or remove the entire tray and see if they can recall all the objects that were placed on it. Another great memory activity is the classical concentration game. We have a few variations of this game, but my favourite is definitely I Never Forget a Face by eeBoo. I love that the game is made of children's faces from all around the world. Not only does it create a beautiful picture of unity in diversity, but it sparks a lot of conversation about where each person comes from (we could do a whole geography based unit study from this game....something for the future, I think!).


  1. oh i love this memory game ... will play with leah for sure ...
    love your pictures of the dolphins too .. lucky lucky!!

  2. Thanks, Nancy, it was lots of fun! :)



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