Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our new school space, including workboxes!

Since we are not moving, I have instead spent a large part of the last two weeks cleaning out! I have boxes ready for donation, I sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist, and now my house feels a lot better! One of the goals of cleaning out for me, was to open up an area to create a school space. I have been reluctant to do this up until now, because I liked the relaxed feeling of doing our work wherever we felt comfortable, and didn't want to mimic a school room at home, BUT I was finding more and more that our books and projects were taking over the living room and dining room, oh, and the kitchen counter! Plus Rylan needs a space where his writing and art supplies can be easily accessible to him whenever he feels like drawing or writing, without me having to worry about little Damian getting into them and decorating the furniture! :) You will also remember the workboxes - absolutely wanted to start using that system, absolutely did not want them in my living room! ;) So, I took over half of our downstairs office (which is actually more of a sewing room than an office!) and this is what it looks like:
We put up Rylan's maps and dino charts on the wall, the talking globe is there too. A nice big table (looks smaller in the pic) which we got from IKEA, with space for both boys to work at. Workboxes are right next to it...actually I went for work drawers, not boxes...and right next to the those is a book shelf that has all of our writing/art supplies (I have a collection of these in the upstairs pantry too, so we can easily work on either floor without much prep time), all our school books, my teacher manuals, math and other manipulatives, educational games, my virtue materials, and Rylan's portfolio that we are building as he completes work.
There is one set for each boy. I started off with 6 drawers each, I think that is plenty for their ages, I can easily add on to it as time goes and there is a need.
The number labels are laminated and attached with velcro dots, so as they complete their work they can pull them off the drawer and stick them onto the sheet below, and put their completed work on top of the drawers.
I also made labels, which I don't have pictures of, that say "Work with Mom" and have a pic of me and the boys underneath, so they know to wait until I can assist them with whatever is in that particular drawer. I am sure I will be making more labels as time goes by and we get used to working with this new system.
On the other side of the room, I created a reading space. There is also our magnetic calendar (it is a Melissa and Doug one) which we use every morning to learn about days of the week, months of the year, etc.
The calendar has all kinds of little magnets like "swimming", "doctor's appointment", "4th of July", so we can add all the events of the week on Monday, then the kiddos can see the plan for the week ahead. Right next to the calendar is, of course, our virtue card that we are studying that week.
Speaking of virtue learning (there's a little hint)...tomorrow I will be sharing a bit more about the weekly themed post I mentioned starting a while back, which will be taking place every Wednesday!


  1. looks great! looking forward to your post tomorrow :-)

  2. Kami, it looks wonderful. Will you show us what you put in the boxes? :)

  3. Thanks all! :)

    Sarah, I promise to do post about what goes into the workboxes soon-ish! But I can tell you so far the boys are loving the new system! Me too!!

  4. Ok Kami, can you come over and organize my house now?

    lisa :)



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