Friday, March 12, 2010

Some of our learning today: math practice with dominoes, dice, and jumping!

We spent a lot of time working with numbers today. I started the boys with a fun activity, primarily aimed at helping Damian practice his counting in a playful way with this brother. Very simple – told them they had to jump and count the number of times I called out. I called out random numbers up to 25. They had so much fun by the end they were flopping on the floor exhausted and giggling. This is a very simple, fun learning activity that you can pull out of your hat without any prep time, and it has the added side effect of getting a bunch of energy out too!
Rylan also completed these fun addition exercises today, which I downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler. You use dominoes and dice to complete the work. He thoroughly enjoyed it. I am going to laminate copies of each chart so that we can use washable markers and just keep re-using them. I gave Damian a set of worksheets too and he had fun rolling the dice and colouring the sheet with a crayon while Rylan was working.

We ended the day on a tactile note, by cracking open our first container of Moon Sand. Okay let me just start by saying, Moon Sand is an activity better done outside, and I will leave it at that (and spare you the details of all the clean up that ensued), but it is fun. It feels and acts like sand, but when you squeeze it, it sticks together and moulds like playdoh. This set came with rock moulds, dinosaur fossils, and little pick axe so that you can dig for dinosaurs.

A definite winner in this household!

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