Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Under the weather

The boys and I were all under the weather today, me the most, I think...we have what seems (knock on wood!) to be a pretty mild cold...hopefully we will be over it in a day or two, but in the meantime we settled in for some good R&R. I cancelled all our activities today, we stayed in our pjs, made beds out of the couches, watched a little t.v., read books (until my throat could no longer take it), took extra vitamins, and drank warm tea, then went for a brief walk in our neighbourhood to soak up some good ol' vitamin D.
When we got home we snacked on some hot, fresh bread we had just pulled out of the oven (I used this easy and delicious recipe). We ate more of this bread for dinner with the homemade cream of tomato soup I made to go with it.
So, a quiet day at home, but before I go take a hot shower and climb into bed, I do want to share this with you - last night I made this build-a-letter alphabet set. I downloaded the templates from this blog, and cut out the shapes using thick craft foam. This seems very similar to the wooden sets that go with the Handwriting Without Tears programme. Anyway, it was a fun exercise. Rylan enjoyed it as he would a puzzle, and I had him trace the letters (as I used to with the sandpaper letters) for a little letter formation practice.
Damian also had fun with them, he managed to form a few of the letters, but mostly enjoyed just playing with the shapes. In a few months I am sure he will get good use out of this set.


  1. Wow, you really soaked up a lot of Vitamin D and I'm envious! Loved the fact that you put in so much thinking and effort to make those shapes. Awesome, positive energy here!

  2. Thank you! The shapes were really easy to make, just download and print out the templates and cut out the shapes (the first two pages of the download), then I put the rest of the pages into protective sheets and into a folder. It took me about 30 minutes to do all of it, and should last the kids a pretty long time.



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