Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preschool fun: a review of our letter F week ~ all about fish!

We did our letter F week a few of weeks ago. Since then Damian I have taken a little break from our usual routine to focus on space related activities as a part of our solar system unit. All of which I will share with you in my summary post on the unit.

Our letter F week was a quiet-ish one, actually. We spent a lot of time reading fish themed books together, since Damian has, really just wanted to read a lot lately, and I am going with that. Since he is only 3 years old, I am very low key and easy going with his work, mostly doing something a little more formal because he loves being a part of our school time. I did not do any sort of planned school work with Rylan at age 3.

We did a couple of the activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s letter F. Damian played with this magnetic fish game, which he had a lot of fun with.

IMG_7166 [800x600]We also played this game together several times. Although it is, sadly, not a well constructed toy, it is really great for developing fine motor control and my boys both love it.

Both Rylan and Damian got to paint fish from this Melissa and Doug set. They love painting these animals, we have done them before with our letter D for dinosaur week.

IMG_7162 [800x600] IMG_7163 [800x600] We also spent a day at the zoo to see real fish in action! This is the tropical fish tank, all the fish we used to swim with every week. It makes me happy just to see them, but also a little “home” sick for Hawaii!

IMG_6680 [800x600]

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  1. I think I would stay homesick for Hawaii if I ever got to live there. What a beautiful aquarium picture!



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