Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kayaking and snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park and underwater preserve

We put aside a whole day of our Big Island trip for Kealakekua Bay and I am so glad we did. If you only have 2 days on this island I would say spend one in Kealakekua Bay and one in Volcanoes National Park (although I would more strongly suggest that you not limit your trip to this awesome island to only 2 days! ;) ). But these parts of our trip were undoubtedly the highlights of our week there.

IMG_4273 (2) [800x600]{the bay}

In the morning we rented a kayak, threw all our gear into the wet bag, and set to rowing the 1 1/2 to 2 miles across this beautiful bay. I have to tell you, not a single one of my photos (much to my disappointment) show how absolutely turquoise the water was there. It was gorgeous.

IMG_4146 [800x600] {climbing into the kayak}

We canoed about half way across the bay when met with several pods of very friendly spinner dolphins. They put on quite a show for us, continually leaping up and spinning on their tails. There were also a few too cute babies in the pods who swam so close to our kayak you could reach out to touch them, it is an incredible experience to have these majestic creatures so close and in the wild.

IMG_4160 [800x600]{swimming along side us}

Needless to say, it took no encouragement for the boys to jump in and swim with them. Both boys were in awe and giddy with excitement, and should I point out that I was in awe of the fact that they seemed quite unaffected at the 20-30m depth of the water! The dolphins swam around and under them…and mom so taken with all of this wonder did not get one decent photo of it…at the time I was so absorbed I did not think too much of the camera, but afterwards I was so sad that I did not have my wits about me…oh well…next time! :)

IMG_4175 [800x600] {little Damian watching the dolphins beneath him}

IMG_4178 [800x600] {Ramtin, Rylan, and Mr. Spinner}

After spending a considerable time with the dolphins we continued to kayak to the other side of the bay. At which point you tie your kayak near the Captain Cook Monument, and there under the water is the most gorgeous underwater preserve. Pristine coral and a rainbow of fish. We could have spent all day snorkeling there.

IMG_4182 [800x600] {the area where we snorkeled}

IMG_4220 [800x600]IMG_4073 [800x600]

It was a beautiful day. After we kayaked back to the shore, went to the hotel to shower and change, we took our very hungry selves out to a lovely dinner, at a lovely restaurant, and enjoyed talking about all the amazing experiences we had just shared. And not a day has gone by since then that Damian has not reminded me that he swam with dolphins…


  1. oh wow!!!!
    I don't have any word to express how lucky you all are ... :)

  2. I love seeing your pictures from places I've been too! We kayaked and snorkeled that very place and it was amazing. Sadly, we were visiting in January and there were not any dolphins - MUST GO BACK! Thanks for sharing all your school ideas as well! I love them!

  3. Nancy, it was amazing, definitely something we will always remember very fondly!

  4. Teaque, so glad you enjoy the reminiscing! :) Oh yes, definitely go back in summer. I know Hawaii is a nice winter break for many, but summer in Hawaii is the most beautiful time!

  5. Just amazing - how stunning and what an amazing place for your boys to grow up in.



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