Monday, July 26, 2010

An amazing vacation

We are back from an incredible week. We spent the week on the island of Hawaii, Hawaii (more affectionately known as “Big Island”). I cannot even begin to explain how amazing all the experiences were that we had during our time there. IMG_4458

It is a fantastic place to visit, the diversity is quite something to behold, you can go from pristine tropical beaches to lava fields.IMG_4519IMG_4037 [800x600]From snow capped mountains to dessert like terrain, to fern filled rain forests, white sand beaches to black volcanic sand beaches, and waterfalls galore.

IMG_4389 [800x600]I am going to be sharing more details on certain aspects of our trip in future posts, because they were most certainly field trip worthy for our home learning, even if they were in the guise of a holiday! But I will tell you this – we kayaked in the open ocean, swam with wild/free dolphins (they were all around us in the kayak, so we jumped in the water with them), we snorkeled and saw the most beautiful coral and fish, we swam with green sea turtles, hiked through tropical forest, across a volcano crater and through a lava tube, and we witnessed new land being formed while watching the flow of surface lava after dark. IMG_5011 [800x600] IMG_4915 [800x600]

It was a wonderful week that will definitely go down as one of my fondest memories.

And now as an aside…if any of you are planning (or ever plan to) travel to Hawaii the BEST travel guides you can invest in, and they are worth every penny, are Andrew Doughty's ultimate guidebooks.

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