Friday, April 22, 2011

Learning about the lunar/moon phases (tutorial)

We were supposed to be out attending some of the fun Earth Day events around the city, but alas our entire family is nursing a nasty cold. This has certainly been a winter of illness for us. I guess a new place, a new winter climate, we were bound to be hit badly, but this has been really bad!

Enough about our misery…onto lunar phases. This is another item I put together as a part of our solar system study (check out this post and this post to see some other highlights, summary still to come). This model illustrates the lunar phases – you can rotate the top piece around to view the different phases of the moon through the peek “window”. It was easy enough to put together and the boys have enjoyed using it. IMG_7242 [800x600]Here’s what you need to put it together:

~ two cardboard circles

~ pictures of the moon phases (I got mine from Google images under “lunar phases”)

~ A folder clip

~ Label (optional)

Here’s how to do it:

~ Cut out and stick the lunar phase pictures around the edge of the first circle.

~ Cut out a “window” to fit your pictures on the second circle.IMG_7244 [800x600]

~ Poke a hole through the center of both circles, and bind together with a folder clip that allows the circles to rotate, so the different phases can be viewed through the “window”. IMG_7243 [800x600]~ Add a label on the top circle, if desired. And it’s done!IMG_7242 [800x600]

To my Baha’i friends – Happy Ridvan! To my Christian friends – Happy Easter! To my Jewish friends – Happy Passover! To all – have a great weekend celebrating with your families and friends!

This has been added to: Preschool Corner & 5K too! and Show and Tell.

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