Monday, March 28, 2011

Geography: the North American Continent

We just completed a week long study of the North American Continent. Here is a summary of what we covered:

  • We read various books on North America, some of which appear at the end of the post. Added to those at the end of the post are: Atlas of North America by Karen Foster and North America by Katie Bagley.

  • Rylan completed this North American themed math worksheet which I made for him. It can be downloaded here if you would like to use.

  • We made and ate Mexican food. We were out running errands all day Thursday and had to stop at McDonalds for lunch, I suppose that could count as American food, right (or just bad food!)? :P

  • We listened to various Putamayo CDs, the selection can be seen at the end of the post.

  • Rylan put together a North America poster based on our learning, which included a map, people of North America, animals of North America, and a fact sheet. We also added the USA flag that Rylan had colored during the week.

    IMG_7134 [800x600]

  • We made dream catchers (Native American) and read about what they are and how they are used (here is a tutorial on how to make them).

    IMG_7103 [800x600]

    IMG_7102 [800x600]

  • We added the Baha’i places of significance in North America to our wall of Baha’i Holy Places and Houses of Worship around the world. IMG_7136 [800x600]

  • We read about children of North America in Children Just Like Me.

  • We read the story from North America (the American Southwest) entitled “She Who Is Alone” from the book The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales. We also read a few stories from Around the World in 80 Tales, which I have to admit I edited somewhat, since some of the stories in that book are a bit (or a lot) mean spirited.

  • Rylan completed some pages in the Around the World Coloring Book.

    To see our previous continent studies, click on these links: Africa, Asia, Europe.

    This has been added to: Show&Tell and Preschool Corner & 5K too.


    1. Kami,

      You are amazing! Thanks for sharing the printables!

      The dream catchers are wonderful! I love that you explain to the children the origin of them!


    2. Kerri, we have never met in person, but your comments always make me smile! :) Thank you for being so supportive and warm!



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