Friday, September 3, 2010

Geography: Asia Study

Over the past couple of weeks we have been studying Asia as a part of our general introduction into world geography (then we will go on to specific countries). Before our summer break we had just completed Africa.

We have had so much fun studying about Asia, I have to say that geography is fast becoming one of my favorite subjects to do with Rylan (and Damian joined us for many of the activities too). Here is a list of the activities we did and the resources we used:

  • We read the True Book: Asia together and created a fact sheet from it. We also read parts of several country specific picture books.

IMG_4663 [800x600]

  • We read about children living in Asia in Children Just Like Me.

  • We colored and labeled a map of Asia.

  • Rylan drew pictures of some Asian animals and colored in a Japanese lion mask.

  • I printed off pictures of Asian people from Google images, and Rylan cut them out and glued them onto our Asia poster, as we discussed where the people came from.

  • We put together an Asian poster of all the info we collected above, to put up in our school area.

IMG_4661 [800x600]

  • We read folktales from various Asian countries (some are in the book list shared at the end of this post).

  • We listened to Asian music (see recommendations below) and learnt how to say hello in several of the languages (a fun song to use is the “Rapp Song” on the DVD Hooray for the World! by Red Grammer).

  • We ate Asian food. I made khoresh bademjoon (a Persian dish), the boys helped me make fresh humus (Israeli/Arab food), we went out to a Chinese restaurant, we made havesh polo (a Persian styled rice with carrots), and we also ate a Japanese inspired meal together.

    IMG_5274 [800x600]
  • I put together an Asian sensory tub for the boys to play with, in rice of course! I had envisioned a lot more going into this tub, but Asian items proved hard to find on this little island!

    IMG_4660 [800x600]
  • We made Chinese lamps and origami sea creatures. We were also going to make a Japanese kite, but didn’t get round to it with the flu bug visiting our home during that week!

IMG_4558 [800x600] IMG_5242 [800x600]

  • We used our homemade tangram set (tangrams originated in Asia).

  • Rylan completed Asian themed math worksheets, which I shared for download here.

  • Asia is of special significance to Bahá'ís, since it is the birth place of our religion (much like all the other major religions in the world), so we read stories about the beginning of our Faith, learnt about pilgrimage (which Rylan has been on, but was very young), and we also started to create a wall of pictures and facts about Bahá'í places of significance, which we will add to as a part of our “travel” through the continents.

IMG_4560 [800x600]

{setting off on a several hour camel ride through the mountains along the Red Sea…that’s Grandpa with the cap on}

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  1. looks like lots of fun :-) Did you make the Baha'i Holy Places sheets on the wall? Would love to get a copy...

  2. Yes, I did make those cards. They are printed on cardstock and laminated. I will be sending an email shortly...



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