Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making dream catchers craft ~ part of our North American Continent study

I promised to post about how we made the dream catchers for our North American study craft. This was a fun craft and actually very easy to prepare for (on my part) and to make (for the boys). So, here goes:

What you need:

~ paper plates

~ a hole punch

~ string/yarn (or even leather strips if you prefer)

~ beads (optional)

~ feathers

How to put it together:

Start by cutting out the center of your paper plate (at this point you could color or paint the paper plate, if you wanted to add more color to your dream catcher).

IMG_7137Then punch holes around the edge of the paper plate.

IMG_7138Take your piece of string (make it relatively long) and tie it to one of the holes, then start to make a web by lacing the string through the different holes around the plate (I used white string, because it is what I had on hand at the time, but you could use colored string or yarn, or even leather strips). During this stage you can add beads on the string if you want to add a little more color to the “web” of string.

IMG_7139Once you are happy with the string pattern you have made, tie off the string in the hole adjacent to where you started, so you can loop the two ends together to make a hanging hook for your dream catcher.

IMG_7140Punch three additional holes at the bottom of the dream catcher. Tie short strips of string here, so they hang down from the bottom of the dream catcher. Decorate with beads if you like, then tie a feather on the end, knot off to complete and hold the beads and feather in place.

IMG_7102 [800x600] And you’re done!

IMG_7103 [800x600]

This has been added to: Preschool Corner & 5K too and Show and Tell.


  1. Terrific idea for a little eye-hand coordination and fine motor work!

  2. Yes! The lacing, beading, and tying were all great for that!

  3. I love your dream catchers...that is a great activity!



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