Monday, April 19, 2010

Workboxes: what's in the box Monday?

This is what the boys found in their workboxes today (another review, with more details on how we work through the boxes can be found here).

In Rylan's: lacing cards
Pattern blocks.
Lacing beads, which he had to lace in a clear pattern.
While Damian was napping: we covered several pages in his maths workbook.
He did two pages in his draw and write journal.
We played "Go Fish" with his Rocket Phonics cards. We had so much fun playing this game together, that we kept playing until Damian woke up, and skipped the last drawer (which means it will be the first one for tomorrow). I am going to do a post some time in the future on Rocket Phonics (this is the reading curriculum I ended up choosing and we are just getting started on it).
On to Damian's boxes: a number/picture puzzle. You will notice the wording is in Hebrew. :) I bought these in Israel when Rylan was little. I was thinking I should probably stick English labels over it so as not to cause confusion, but it puts a smile on my face every time we use these because it brings back lots of happy memories!
Lacing beads - 1 to 5.
Stacking barrels: first I had him nest them, then stack them from biggest to smallest, then smallest to biggest. Then we went through colours, then counted them.
Damian loves these little books. Each page has a single word and picture. We went through each of them and basically he "reads" them to me.

Find this and more workbox ideas at: Wednesday Workbox Day and What's in the box Wednesday.


  1. Oh, your boxes look like so much fun, and so colorful, I'm a sucker for colorful ;o)

  2. I am all about the colors too! :)

  3. We use Math-U-See too, and love it! Your boxes look so fun :-) Thanks for linking up!

  4. This is such a great idea for a small space.
    I am thinking of a more sturdy form of this
    with small shelves and shallow wood boxes that could be pulled out with the materials ready to go...
    inspiration for creativity!



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