Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinosaur writing practice

Dinosaurs have been big in our house since Rylan turned two. So big at times, that I have felt as though I could be living in the Cretaceous Period! But for a while the interest died down somewhat and I thought maybe we were moving onto other things. But then about a month ago we were at the library, and Rylan said to me, "Mom, I'll be right back" and off he went to the librarian to ask her where he could find more factual books on dinosaurs, and she introduced him to the dinosaur section (I hadn't purposely been avoiding this section, I just hadn't been looking for it either, you know there is only so much you can read about dinosaurs and still maintain your sanity...), this dino section is BIG and Rylan was in pure awe. And so now when we come back from the library, this is what the selection looks like:
And there you have it, right back in the Cretaceous Period...except this time little brother is joining in. Oh yes, two of them! Dinosaur talk, dinosaur games, making their dinosaur models talk to each other, running around the house roaring at each other.

I figured it was time to work dinosaurs back into our school work (I have done this many times before with his learning), although I have not launched into a full unit study on dinosaurs, they are making their appearances in his everyday school work. After all it makes writing practice SO MUCH FUN if we can write about dinosaurs...oh and prehistoric animals work too!
{These are draw and write journals from the Handwriting Without Tears programme. I have been pretty happy with this programme so far. I like the two line design of their workbooks much more than the typical three lined ones.}


  1. I was literally asking myself 2 hours ago when Zorion might start to get interested in dinosaurs lol. So if your littlest one is into them, may not be too long away (thinking Ayyam-i-ha gifts...) Do you have a favorite "intro" dino book?? :-)

  2. Well, the book for us that started it all was "Dinosaurumpus". We checked it out of the library while visiting my folks in the States (we were still living in Haifa at the time) and that was it, he was hooked. It is just a fun picture book. But honestly there are SO many dino books for kids for every age level. The best thing is to just ask your librarian and I am sure you will have 100s to pick from! :)

  3. That's a great idea, thanks :-) We have yet to get into the habit of going to the library... that should really be on my list of weekly activities...

    I was wondering how you made the dinosaur matching alphabet game? Did you do it yourself and then print it off, and if so do you still have the file?? I'd love to ask for it if it's readily accessible (not if it's too much trouble...) Thanks!! :-)

  4. I made that game about 3 years ago, and about 3 computers ago, so I really don't remember where I got it. I would suggest doing a search for "dinosaur alphabet printables", I'm sure you'll find something to work with. But what I did was print the images, I coloured each one in then glued them onto a very hard cardboard, and then covered them with contact paper (you could also laminate). They are still playing with them now, so it was a good investment in time, even though it took me quite a few nights of work.

  5. I think I found the exact ones just by searching for what you said. I'm still getting the hang of searching for stuff online, "printables" seems to be a good word I will have to use :-) Thanks so much!!



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