Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Developing reading comprehension

I have mentioned before that my boys are avid readers (actually Rylan loves reading so much that I cannot keep up with him, thank goodness he is learning how to read, so that he can feed his thirst for knowledge by reading to himself as well!). Not only does he love pouring over books, but when finished with them, he likes to re-tell what he has learnt or heard. So, his ability to recount stories and information verbally is very well developed (as a friend of mine will attest, having learnt all about rattlesnakes during a play date this afternoon!). But I also want this exercise of reading comprehension to be learnt in a written form, since this will become increasingly important as his schooling progresses.

A while back I found these story logs and knew they would work perfectly. They allow for written or picture format, which is great for the beginner reader/writer because when spelling is an issue, he can always switch to drawing a picture. Plus for Rylan, whenever art is involved, writing is that much sweeter! So, occasionally when we read a story, I will give Rylan one of the variations of these story logs or maps (you can find a free download for them here). He works on them mostly by himself while I am busy with Damian or housework/cooking.

The story logs in these photos were based on the book “Snow Bear” given to us by our wonderful friend Darlene.

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