Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was library day. We go at least once every two weeks, sometimes every week, if we have time. All I have to say is, “should we go to the library to get new books?”, and both boys jump up in excitement. These boys devour books! We spend a lot of time curled up on Rylan’s bed reading together…and when I am not able to read to them, well, now Rylan can read to Damian! I love it! Love. It. I am so happy they are readers, because reading to them is one of my favourite things too. So, we go to the library, where all the librarians know us by now (in all six of the libraries on the island), and smile as I walk in, Damian in one arm and two giant bags of books in the other (someone should take a picture of that for this blog!). As we walk in Damian reminds us, with a finger to his lips and “shhhhh” that we are to be quiet on these hallowed grounds. Every time we check out our chosen books, I have to convince Rylan to stop reading whatever book his nose is in just for long enough to let the librarian click on the bar code…then into the car where Mom must immediately hand out the books, so the two can read in their car seats on the trip home. The two of them sit there, piles on each lap, reading while we drive (something I could not do without turning a sickly green!). When we get home they review the selection.But, oh, wait, what is their favourite stop to make on their way home (besides Coldstone for ice-cream, of course)? Yep, Borders Bookstore. Where…they read a little more!
Today the librarian told us that we are definitely their best customers. Can you guess why?


  1. wow, so you can borrow those books or u just bought them ... i have read books to Leah almost every night (sometimes i am too tired to read or she sleeps on the way home) ... she wants me to read 3-4 books per nite, and now am requesting her to take only 1 book. ... Good that kids love reading ...

  2. Yes, here (at least in the States that I have lived in) the public libraries allow you take out an unlimited number of books. It's amazing, I love it!



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