Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scissors and cutting skills

Rylan is still mastering the art of using scissors…perhaps this is because when he was a little younger, Rylan + a pair of scissors = scary, so it was not an activity we did much. I tried safety scissors, but they just frustrated both of us because they don’t work all that well, really. So, although he has been using scissors for a while now, I am trying to get him to perfect his cutting skills. Using a Montessori style activity I created this for him. First, I gave him the tray with two sets of cards, having him start with the narrow cards, and then when those were completed, moving onto the wider cards.
After he completed all the cards we moved onto these cutting pages which I printed from the Wondertime Magazine site. Firstly he had to cut along the dotted lines, and then I had him cut along the solid lines around the actual objects.
And to keep little brother occupied while he was working, I set this activity up for him. I used a brown paper bag that had pictures on it and a pair of safety scissors. This paper was thin and crisp, so the safety scissors worked well with it, to reduce frustration. His goal was just to cut, and use the scissors, of course, no lines to follow.


  1. Hi, i went to this wondertime magazine and i have printed the farm's animals. I bought a large carton paper and with the help of Ram, we will make a farm for Leah. If you have any ideas to share with me, i will be most grateful. You are good at that!! :)

  2. That's great, I am glad you were able to use the link to creat something fun for Leah. I am sure she will enjoy many hours of imaginary play with the farm set!



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