Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some of our work today: math games, sight words, and ETC

For math today we played Domino Parking Lot (you can find the board here from Last time we did this Rylan was still counting the dots to figure out where to place them, but this time he was actually adding, and also counting in twos. It is so wonderful to watch the learning take place first hand. After we finished the first round of filling each "parking place" I had him carry on until the box of dominoes was finished, so we could see which number there was the most and least of.

For reading today we worked on sight words. I gave him a handful of checker pieces, and had him cover the word I called out. Then we switched and I covered the words he called out, either way, he had to read the words to play.
I downloaded these beautiful sight word lists from Jan Brett's website. The pictures make word lists a lot more inspiring!
After finishing off two more pages in his write and draw journal for writing practice, we moved onto Explode the Code online. I mentioned a while back that I was investigating this programme...well they have two versions, one workbook format, the other online. I have kept the computer pretty much off limits for the kids. Quite frankly they have shown no real desire to be on it, since we do not play computer or t.v. games in this house, they have had no real exposure to such things. The only real "computer time" they have had up to this point, is to talk with grandparents on skype. But when I saw that they have an online version of ETC, I thought perhaps it was time for Rylan to start learning how to use a I asked him (I want him to be involved in his learning choices, after all!) workbook (which he enjoys) or on the computer? Can you guess? It took all of 0 seconds to reply, "On the computer!!".
I did a little more looking into the programme and found they have demo exercises online, so Rylan has spent a little time over the past two days working through the demos. I wanted us both to get a feel for the programme before investing in it. And I think it is a keeper, he definitely enjoys it...and unfortunately, so does another little someone who woke up from his nap while Rylan was still working. :)


  1. Hi, I love the domino parking lot game! We did that today :0) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the sight words charts. They will work out great for us!

  3. Thank you for the domino parking lot game! We will be using that next week. Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Kami,
    I linked to your post:

    Have a happy day,



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