Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A change in our math curriculum: Singapore Math

At the beginning of our kindergarten year, math was going well, we were using Math-U-See and Rylan seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, it did not last…the further we got into the curriculum the more he started to dislike it. I tried all kinds of things to make it enjoyable for him, and he did enjoy all the games and manipulatives we used, but as soon as I pulled “the book” off the shelf he was moaning. Even though I thought the curriculum was good, and liked several aspects of the program, it clearly wasn’t working for him. So I called it a day and started looking for a new curriculum as we began first grade…enter Singapore Math (which I had almost gone with in the first place!).

We have been using Singapore Math for several months now and Rylan is still enjoying it. He relates to and understands their method of teaching very easily. He likes the colorful and fun textbooks and workbooks, the games they suggest to reinforce learning, and believe it or not, he really likes doing the tests in the additional test book they provide. He loves the challenge of working on the clock and the sense of accomplishment in seeing how well he does on a test.

IMG_6894 [800x600]

IMG_6895 [800x600]

Fingers crossed it continues to be an enjoyable subject for us both!

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  1. I was part of the math adoption team for my district before the funding got cut for new materials. This was one of our top choices. They are aligned with the new national standards for Math and align with all the current research on teaching Math. I am glad that your son likes it!



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