Monday, January 24, 2011

Nurturing virtue: “The Good in Me from A to Z by Dottie”

Nurturing virtues drawing [640x480] with title 2

I apologize, I know it is not good form to say I am back and then disappear for a week! BUT the kids and I were hit with a nasty bug that has kept us home and in bed for a whole week! So, we really haven’t been up to much this past week, but I wanted to share something we did together the week before.

We spent several mornings during circle time reading through the book “The Good in Me from A to Z” and working on the accompanying workbook. It is a sweet little book, easy to read and understand. We read through the book once, then we went back to the beginning and discussed in detail the virtue each page was describing. I also asked them for examples on how they used that virtue in their own lives.


The next morning I pulled the book out again and read through it. This time I gave each of them a copy of the page at the back of the book, which asks them to write or draw the good in them. I asked them to tell me about one of their good qualities. Damian said the “good in me is my heart” and Rylan said “the good in me is that I love to read and learn”. These are the pictures they drew to illustrate these qualities.


The Good in Me from A to Z” has a workbook that goes along a with it too. We used several of the activity sheets during the course of the week, and I am sure I will use them again as we continue to work through specific virtues in more detail.

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  1. Nice to see you back! Your move must have taken so much time an energy. I had to take a blog break in the fall as well. Though here in the cold weather, I always feel like an animal who wants to go into hibernation in the winter and just lay under the blankets and read a book or watch a movie at night.

    Where did you move to?




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