Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our “school song”

I thought it would be nice to have a school song that we could put up on our classroom wall and sing every morning during our circle time. We wanted it to be something meaningful, something to guide our behavior and motivations. We chose this quotation from the Baha’i Writings:

“Strive that your actions day by day may be beautiful prayers. Turn towards God, and seek always to do that which is right and noble. Enrich the poor, raise the fallen, comfort the sorrowful, bring healing to the sick, reassure the fearful, rescue the oppressed, bring hope to the hopeless, shelter the destitute!”

- ‘Abdu'l-Baha

I printed and laminated the quotation, and put it up on the wall in our circle time area, but in the next couple of week, the kids are going to be decorating a larger version of it for our wall. I will share this with you when it is completed.


  1. Love it! Very uplifting! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  2. Did you actually write a song for this quotation??? If so I'd love to hear it, or find out where you got the song from! :-)

  3. Chelsea - we use Joe Crone's version. I mentioned it on my FB page. You can find it on the CD "Immerse Yourselves...Prayers and Writings for the Young at Heart".

  4. Thanks Kami, I had never heard of Joe Crone before, will have to download the CD from his site. Thanks! Hope you are well



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