Thursday, August 12, 2010

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

IMG_4630 [800x600]

I have been on salt-and-pepper sand beaches before (a mix of volcanic sand and regular beach sand), but never before had I seen anything like this beach, which was pure black volcanic sand.

IMG_4654 [800x600]

We stopped and spent a little time here on our way from Kona to Volcano Village. It was the oddest sight, and the sand had a feel to it that is hard to explain, definitely unlike regular sand.

IMG_4636 [800x600]

The boys found it fascinating and it took no encouragement for them to explore and dig and play.

IMG_4640 [800x600]IMG_4646 [800x600]

And that is the last installment on the highlights from our week on Big Island!


  1. Wow, that beach sand is weird! Doesn't have quite the same impact as sandy, white beaches but definitely adds some interest to the usual run of the mill beach....

  2. I know, both Ramtin and I thought we wouldn't want to spend a day laying on this beach, or swimming in it either (it's really dark and kind of creepy), but it was kind of a neat thing to see...



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