Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekending and what we’ve been up to…

Yesterday we spent a fabulous day on this lovely beach.

IMG_4369 [800x600]

We snorkeled, swam, splashed, built, had water fights, and fish nibbling our toes while we sat in the shallow water at the shore. A perfect family day and the last of our summer vacation!

IMG_4373 [800x600] IMG_4405 [800x600] IMG_4480 [800x600]IMG_4505 [800x600] I have been posting a lot about our summer travels and not so much about what we have been doing the last couple of weeks. That’s because I had nothing completed to write about. We were waiting for curriculum to arrive, and it did, all on the same day. My hubby came home from the post office with five boxes piled in his arms and Rylan and I squealing with excitement.

Since that day I have spent hours and hours familiarizing myself with the material, planning our new daily schedule, and planning in detail the next two months of school. I now have planned lessons, materials ready (or notes to remind me what to prepare for a particular lesson the night before), even craft projects planned for the next two months (I am planning to have one afternoon for a planned craft project every week). I am sure I will make adjustments to the schedule as the year goes on, but for now we have what we need to make a good start. And I have lots to share here!

We are all very excited about beginning the new year together, Rylan has been counting down the days all of the past week! Gotta love an enthusiastic learner!

More to come on our first day of first grade and what our school area looks like (I have been working on that too, since it became a bit of a storage area over the summer!)…hopefully a little later today. Stop in and take a peek!


  1. Beautiful beaches! I am in love with beaches too! Love your photographs, how did you take those underwater? What camera you use?

    Kids learn so much when they are immerse in nature! :)

  2. Thank you, Shirin! We spend a lot of time on the beach, and snorkeling, so we decided to invest in a waterproof camera. We use a Canon Powershot D10 and love it.



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